How to Make Free Paytm Money?

Everyone loves free stuff. Isn’t it? If not, you wouldn’t be here on this post. However, while we look for those, we often wonder, is it some legit means, or am I going to make …

How to Make Free Paytm Money?

Everyone loves free stuff. Isn’t it? If not, you wouldn’t be here on this post. However, while we look for those, we often wonder, is it some legit means, or am I going to make a fool of myself? Well, we do not know about the other websites you might have tried, but here, we will give you accurate information.

This means that all the methods provided herein related to how to get free Paytm money are well-researched. You can use either of them and get Rs 1000 free paytm cash and you can use it as you like. All you have to do is give the blog a thorough read, and within no time, you will have some useful information.

How to Make Free Paytm Money?

How to Make Free Paytm Money?

If your question is about how to get free Paytm money, know that it can be done in different ways. From filling out the surveys to performing some easy-to-do application activities, all of these are some of the best choices to get the desired results.

Now, you might come across various websites that will give you hacks, but believe me, you must not try it all.

Look for the ones that can be trusted, and if your instincts say something is fishy, do not take a step ahead. It can cause your account to get blocked or, worse, get hacked.

Remember, the endgame is to have some free Paytm cash and not otherwise and if you follow either of the below-mentioned choices, you will definitely get some.

Top Offers by Paytm

Let’s begin with some easy-to-earn cashback options provided by Paytm itself.

  • 1st Rent Payment on Paytm– You can earn up to INR 300 (Flat 1% of the transaction value, which is more than INR 15000) cashback on your payment through Credit Card.
1st Rent Payment on Paytm for Free Money
  • Cylinder Bookings– You get a chance to have INR 30 flat cashback on your first cylinder booking through the application.
Cylinder Bookings for free paytm money

  • Paytm Travel Carnivals– Cashback of up to INR 250 on bus tickets using credit and debit cards. Offers are also provided on the flight tickets. So, do not miss on to it. Right now, the offer exists between 9th October and 13th October, but Paytm keeps running such offers from time to time. So, do check it out.

Paytm Travel Carnivals
  • Referral Earnings– Flat INR 100 along with up to 15000 cashback points (which can be redeemed into cash or gift cards) is being offered by the platform for each of the referrals. Now, it’s a very simple task, and anyone can do it. Isn’t it?

  • Bill Payments– Different offers are available on the bill payments made through debit card, credit card or Paytm Postpaid. Make sure to check for the coupons before you proceed to make the payments.

  • Cashback on OTT Subscriptions– Paytm offers 4% cashback on OTT subscriptions.
Cashback on OTT Subscriptions
  • Cashback Points– If you are a constant user of Paytm, you surely might have received a recent notification regarding your account being converted to Paytm Pro Max. If not, go ahead and check it out on the app. In case you have been upgraded and you have enough points, you can convert them to real Paytm cash (27,500 points to INR 250).

  • Other options- From booking movie tickets to making payments on different online platforms like Zomato, Zepto, etc., you can earn cashback or get free money, which you might have missed out on if you had chosen any application other than Paytm.

Surveys & Reviews

Surveys & Reviews

For anyone unaware, there’s an app called Toluna Influencers application. It allows one to take surveys for points, which can then be redeemed for different branded vouchers or gift cards (including Paytm).

So, anyone using this application will find a chance to earn INR 200 Paytm cash with 21,000 points.

Just be consistent, and you will soon be able to earn more. Just provide the correct information, and in case if you match up to the criteria of the surveyors, you will earn some points.

There are many other surveys & reviews available, too, that will help you to earn rewards like Paytm cash. Some of them are,

  • 99acres Reviews
  • CollegeDunia Reviews
  • Ipsos iSay Surveys
  • YouGov Surveys
  • Crownit Applications Surveys and activities, etc.

All you need to do is be aware and take advantage of the opportunity at the right time.

Further, remember that any of the above-mentioned surveys might get either changed or even revoked from time to time based on the company’s decision.

However, as these are all trustworthy platforms, you do not need to worry about anything. All you have to do is follow the instructions and keep earning easy money through Paytm Cash.

Paytm Money Earning Apps and Websites?

If you wish to know what type of applications will help you to earn free Paytm cash, well, there isn’t any specific answer to it.

You can choose between a survey and opinion app cashback and rewards app, watching videos and ads app, task and gigs apps, etc.

Just make sure to check the reviews, recommendations, etc., offered by the users. It will help you to avoid any type of unforeseen circumstances like hacking of your phone, etc.

There are some of the shortlisted applications/websites mentioned below. These will help you to earn rewards in the form of Paytm cash or as the offer remains applicable in the given time or the time you plan to use either of the below-mentioned.

  • mRewards
  • Sikka
  • True Balance
  • Task Bucks
  • Cashboss
  • Happy Box
  • GetMega
  • The Panel Station App
  • Go Daily App
  • Cash Mojo
  • Rewards Buddy
  • Topiko App
  • A23 App
  • Vclub
  • Dainik Bhaskar
  • Ladoo App
  • Earn Money App
  • YouGov Surveys
  • I-Say Survey
  • Earn Talktime, etc.

Play and Win Paytm Cash Online Free

According to us, it is one of the popular means to win free Paytm cash. Anyone who is a gaming enthusiast, will be easily able to take advantage of it.

Currently, there are different gaming applications with different genres of games available to win money. Based on the preference, one can choose an application and start to use it.

Play the games and win Paytm cash is Zupee

One of the best platforms to play the games and win Paytm cash is Zupee. Herein, there are 8 different types of skill games available, including,

I have personally tried to play all through these,

  • Ludo Supreme
  • Ludo Supreme League
  • Ludo Turbo
  • Ludo Ninja
  • Trump Cards Mania
  • Cricket Cards
  • Cricket X Tambola
  • Snakes & Ladders Plus

To begin, all you need to do is download the application, install it and then, after creating the account, look for the free entry tournaments. If you win, you will earn the real Paytm cash. It has also Zupee referral link that can help you earn more money if you have many friends

Rooster App Activities

Rooster App Activities for free Paytm cash

Rooster, it’s an application where users can stream or watch the games of different collaborated Indian gamers. 

With the help of this app, one can start to earn the Paytm Cash just by,

  • Watching the games/e-sports reels and videos
  • Installing or registering the applications and
  • Participating in some or the other activities

With the above-mentioned done, users start to earn coins, which can then be converted to Paytm cash (INR 1 is equivalent to 250 coins).

Precaution to Maintain When Trying to Avail Free Paytm Cash

  • Look for legitimate offers. Do not go try anything that looks fishy.
  • Check the eligibility, as there are some offers which are limited to devices, locations or users.
  • When redeeming the award, look for requirements and restrictions.
  • Be completely aware of the fraudulent activities.
  • Choose platforms that are trusted and have better reviews by the users.

Final Words

I hope the above-mentioned researched applications, websites and ways were helpful for you to learn about how to get free Paytm cash.

Just make sure that you do not highly rely upon them. It’s because the time you lose collecting the coins or the rewards can be better used on your work or other productive activities.

As for the rest, if you know or have any idea regarding more ways to make free Paytm money, we would highly appreciate your sharing it with us. If not, enjoy and earn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn INR 30,000 through Paytm?

You can earn the amount by becoming a Paytm service agent and starting to earn on your own terms. You will have the flexibility of either going full-time, part-time or flexi-time. However, it will definitely allow you to earn some flexibility and extra cash.

How to get INR 100 through Paytm?

You can earn the amount by following the below-mentioned steps,

Click the Invite options and then share the invite link through different applications or options, including SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

When your friend clicks on this invite, you will get the chance to earn INR 100 referral flat.

Remember, the cash can only be earned after your friend completes the 1st UPI payment through the app.

Is the Paytm Cashback fake or real?

Know that Paytm nowadays offers either no or very little cashback to its users. So, it’s possible you get tempted to uninstall it. Well, do not do that. Instead, keep the app and try the above-mentioned ways to earn Paytm cash.

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