How to get free sim card?

Are you tired of your network? Do you wish to try another one but are not ready to spend on the expensive SIM cards? Well, let us tell you, if you want to know how …

How to Get Free SIM Card?

Are you tired of your network? Do you wish to try another one but are not ready to spend on the expensive SIM cards? Well, let us tell you, if you want to know how to get a free SIM card, that’s not a problem on today’s date. Yeah, you can just try and then decide which network you want to trust for your requirements.

You heard it right. You can simply try and then decide if you want to continue using the network. The best part is that you can get the free SIM card delivered to your home for free. Do not worry at all because these SIM cards do not come with any hidden fees and allow you to have a genuine chance for switching the carriers or making a replacement. Now, all you need to do is deep dive in within the information provided below, as it has been prepared to provide you the complete details on how to get a free sim card and get it delivered to you hassle-free.

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How to Order Free SIM Card Online?

How to Get Free SIM Card?

There are many ways in which you can get a SIM card without having to worry about your monetary situation. To say, there are many operators which offer the SIM delivered to your home completely free. Don’t believe us? Read through the below and see how you can try this on your own.

Jio Free Sim

Suppose you are willing to get the SIM delivered to your home. In that case, you must connect to the Jio service centre or any authorized dealer who offers it. To get it, you have to complete the online process and it can be done if you have the working internet and a smartphone. Do not worry; it won’t take more than a few minutes, and you will soon have your SIM ready to be dispatched. If you order new sim then you may get free jio internet

When trying the process, just make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

  • Visit the website of Jio.
  • Click on the option- Get Jio SIM.
  • Once you click it, you will be required to enter the number and name.
Jio Free Sim Card
  • Then click proceed.
  • After it’s done, you will receive an OTP on the phone. Enter it in the required space.
  • Next, choose between prepaid SIM and postpaid.
Choose between prepaid SIM and postpaid
  • Enter the address.
Get Free Jio Sim Card to your Delivery Address
  • The Jio Executive will reach out to your place and they will verify the identity. Once done, they will issue the New SIM card based on the request.
  • Lastly, when all is done, all you need to do is sit at home and relax. Your SIM will be delivered soon to your address.

Airtel Free Sim

Airtel Free Sim Card

Just like above, here, too, there are a few steps which are to be followed to get the SIM delivered to your house for free.

  • Visit the website functioning for Airtel free SIM delivery Online.
  • Provide relevant details as asked- name, location of delivery, alternative phone number, etc.
Airtel online SIM delivery
  • Select FRC recharge and the plan before you submit the request.
  • The customer executive of Airtel will reach out to your home. They will verify the identity and do the KYC, and the SIM card will be issued.
  • It can be then tracked through the Airtel Thanks app.

Note: You might get asked to pay INR 100 to the executive at delivery time. Confirm about this at the time of ordering.

Other Operators

Just like Jio and Airtel, you can even get the Vodafone-IDEA sim totally free. Just make sure that you provide all the details correctly and do not mess in there.

Tips on How to Get Free SIM Card

Promotional Offers

This is the easiest way to get the card. There are many network providers who, at the time of packages or plans launch, offer the free SIM to the customers. Keep an eye out for the promotional campaigns, either through the advertisements or online. It will be the best opportunity for you to explore different new plans of different network providers and then choose what suits you best.

Note: These offers are time-limited and sometimes come with conditions. Make sure to know it all beforehand rather than being surprised later.

Online Marketplaces

These marketplaces can be the treasure for you because many promotional deals run from time to time. You .can use it to get the SIM. Just make sure to keep an eye on the e-commerce websites which have been specialize the mobile accessories, like the Best Buy, Amazon, etc. They have promotions where the SIM card gets bundled with the purchase, or you get some exclusive deals with the complimentary cards. The best is that in this option, there at times exists the flexibility for choosing what fits our needs. So, the question to you is, why not try?

Note: Do read the reviews available and the ratings given to make an informed decision. Remember, you need reliable and safe choices.

Mobile Network Providers

Mobile Network Providers

At times, the loyal customers or those on some mobile plans, the provider offers a free SIM card, sometimes as part of the promotional campaign which aims to attract the new customers or simply retain the existing ones. It’s like a token of appreciation, but for you, it can surely be an opportunity. So, reach out to the provider and ensure to inquire regarding the loyalty programs and ongoing promotions.

Note: Make sure you compare different providers available in the area. Look out for the competitive plans, good customer service reputation and the excellent network coverage. Also, do not forget that these SIM cards might be free, but you will be required to pay for the top-up fees or the activation fees.

Participating Retailers

Make sure to check the local stores for phones or the authorized resellers of the area. There you will surely get some deals which can help you get the complimentary SIM cards. Also, ensure to keep an eye on the special events or the launch parties. There retailers give away the SIM cards as part of marketing. Just make sure not to lose on to these opportunities and get the free SIM today.

Remain assured to ask for the requirements/conditions which are to be met for qualifying for the SIM card. At the retailers, you will need to sign up for the mobile service plan or make some purchases to be eligible for the promotions. Just bring along the necessary identification or the documents when you visit the retailer as it will need to complete the process for SIM card activation.

Benefits of Free SIM Card

  • The SIM Card will give you a chance to save cost savings as varied carriers offer the free cards for attracting the new customers.
  • You will have the freedom to choose as you won’t be locked into the contract where you will be required to get the free SIM. So, you can find better deals and choose it anywhere.
  • Existing phones remain completely compatible and, so, you do not need to purchase the new phones or the device with the SIM card.
  • There are typically no hidden charges.
  • The SIM cards are easy to get. It’s a hassle-free option.

Disadvantages of Free SIM Card

  • Some SIMs come with the limited coverage. So, choosing a wider coverage area becomes necessary.
  • The SIM card is only free. One needs to pay for the phone plan. So, compare the costs before the decision is made.
  • Not every single phone remains compatible with every carrier. So, make sure that you are able to connect the carrier’s network to your phone before you take advantage of the free service.

Final Words

To get the free SIM, it’s the most convenient and the cost-effective option for anyone who wishes to upgrade or switch the service provider. No matter whether you are a student or, a frequent traveller, or somebody who just wants to have affordable and reliable service, the free SIM card will be able to meet your needs. Also, with little research, you will be able to find the best available option out there for you. Just remember to consider some of the factors like customer service, data plans, network coverage, etc., for making the decision.

Now, all that’s left to do is enjoy the free service, and if you are not doing it yet, what exactly are you waiting for? Break in and find the best offers.


Which SIM card is free of cost?

Almost every SIM is free. You just need to find what fits your needs best. For more, refer above.

Can I buy Airtel SIM for free?

Yes, you can buy it for free. All you need to do is follow a few steps correctly (steps discussed in the article), and you will soon have your free SIM ready to use.

Can a free SIM Card be used with any of the phones?

Yes, in most of the cases, the free SIM cards remain compatible with a wide number of phones, including the iOS and Android phones. But still, it is recommended you check with your mobile network provider or the retailer for ensuring that the given SIM card will be compatible with the phone model of yours, specifically.

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