Best Free Web Series Apps in India

The world is changing and so are the means of entertainment. Today, web series have become the favorite pastime for many; after all, they offer compelling storytelling, have different genres, and offer the viewers the …

Best Free Web Series Apps in India

The world is changing and so are the means of entertainment. Today, web series have become the favorite pastime for many; after all, they offer compelling storytelling, have different genres, and offer the viewers the chance to dive into immersive narratives. Now, with this growing popularity, there are many platforms which emerged, too.

These platforms come with an extensive show collection. But then again, finding the right platform or specific the best free web series apps can be quite a daunting task. However, do not worry, as we are here in front of you with the best possible solutions that are available out there in the market.

If you are one such person who has been looking for the best free web series apps, this article is for you. Just make sure to read it ahead and within a few minutes, you will have the best place to choose your binge-worthy show.

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Best Free Web Series Apps

If, like us, you love to watch web series, let us tell you while we researched in between apps, we found some excellent sections for entertainment. To your surprise, you will be shocked to see how many apps wouldn’t charge you even a penny to watch different shows or movies. Also, they will offer you a choice of genres and languages. Now, if this can’t get you excited, we don’t know what would.

If you are excited, the list below will add to your happiness. Choose amidst the below and just enjoy.

MX Player

MX Player, it’s a widely known application for video streaming. It is also popular for varied web series and is used by 280 million+ people from across the country.

This on-demand platform has been established by MX Media & Entertainment and is widely used by youngsters. It gives them the chance to watch the latest movies and web shows, without any subscription charges. It also gives them the chance to have the curated content in 11 languages. So, if you enjoy web series, this app is definitely the one to be checked out.

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Vi Movies

The application is the one-stop solution for every entertainment need. It is because of it that the app is considered as one of the best free web series apps. Now, what sets it apart is its tie-up with Idea and Vodafone. It means that the VI users can have the app at the special deal. It’s like a bonus treat for the customers.

Vi Movies can be easily browsed through the varied categories or using the search functions. One can even check for the ratings and the reviews of the shows on the application by simply visiting it as and when they want to.

Apart from the above, VI movies offer,

  • Web series in varied languages, including regional ones.
  • The shows from different OTT platforms including Shemaroo Me, Hungama Play, etc., are all present here.
  • The subtitles are available for the shows.
  • There are multiple audio options on the app for a better viewing experience.
  • Clean interface, which allows easier navigation, etc.

Foxy Streaming App

If you like to watch both the Hollywood and the Bollywood movies right after their release of, the Foxy Streaming app is here for you. It is an app that is used in almost 94 countries and has been downloaded 10000+ times through the Google Play Store.

The app is among the best application that offers content in multiple languages. So, if you haven’t tried the app yet, the question is when are you planning to?

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This is another great app for watching the web series for completely free. The content is available in varied languages, and the best is that it’s all in HD quality. So, if you are willing, you can choose between genres like comedy, horror, etc., and by getting through the extensive collection of movies and the web series, have the best time.

Airtel Xstream

Airtel Xstream is a great app launched by Airtel. The app has more than 10,000 movies and web series in around 13 languages. It’s well known for different TV shows which are viewed by Indian viewers on a daily basis. Further, the app is also associated with popular TV channels, including Zee Action, Zee Business, Zee News, etc.

One can watch every content on the application that gets streamed on the app. As for the downloads, you will just be amazed to know that more than 10 crore people have used this app to date, and they are just loving it.

TVF Play

The application is the provider of the content which is preferred by the younger generation. Further, TVF Play is also known to generate content that is thoughtful and enjoyable. Now, the journey might have begun through the YouTube channel named Viral Fever, but today, TVF Play is one of the most loved platforms by youngsters who prefer to watch some thoughtful content for free.

The app has an amazing fan base, and with over 5 million downloads, it has offered quality unlimited web series and videos to people who want to have entertainment, anytime, anywhere.

Pikashow App

The 3rd party platform to stream TV and multimedia is the Pikashow App. It has the best TV shows, live TV, IPL games, etc. One can even request new materials using this app. The best is that even though the app is not available on the Google Play Store to download, it won’t cause any damage to your phone. It will simply meet your demands and will give you the chance to experience the best collection of shows and web series. So, access it on a smartphone or tablet, the app is something you love to use; after all, it comes with the least amount of buffering and it is one of the best one-step destinations for different web series and movies.


Yes, there are many other applications like Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, HoiChoi, etc., too, and the choice you make, it’s dependent on the app you want or the type of content you are looking forward to. Remember that, each of these applications comes with different features, etc., and this is why you have to make the selection on what you will need. So, do not wait. Choose and start streaming today at ease and in the language you prefer.


If you have free time and you want to watch a web series or movies and do not want to pay, hopefully, the content about the best free web series apps above provides you a deep insight. Remember, there are many applications out there and we have just provided you the list of what we prefer over the others.

So, yes, your favorite can differ from us, but if you are just a newbie, you can try the applications mentioned above or if the case is the other way around, you can recommend us some of your favorites too. We would love to share it with our readers.

Happy Binging!


Which app is the best for a free web series?

Well, all of the above-mentioned applications are the best places to watch the free web series. If you want, you can shift to their premium versions (if there is available) or simply use the free version. It is totally up to you.

Which app has the best collection of web series?

Even though Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are the top choices but these are the paid ones. So, choose amidst the above-mentioned, and you will treat yourself to the best collection of the web series.

Is it possible to download the web series for free?

Yes, it is totally possible to download the web series for free. You just need to find the best app for it.

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