Free Virtual Number for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the leading tools for communication alongside the SMS and Email. Be it the smaller organization or the larger ones, it’s vital for them to continue with the promotion, marketing, and the …

Free Virtual Number for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the leading tools for communication alongside the SMS and Email. Be it the smaller organization or the larger ones, it’s vital for them to continue with the promotion, marketing, and the client interaction. In it, the use of the virtual phone number for the WhatsApp users like us, it simply gives the enhanced effectiveness. Now, we might know what the free virtual number for WhatsApp is, but not all might be aware about it.

This is why we are here to help you. We are here with all the information or rather the relevant ones to help you out. Make sure you keep reading as this article is worth every word.

Free Virtual Number for WhatsApp – What is it?

Free Virtual Number for WhatsApp

WhatsApp virtual numbers, these are the phone numbers that one can use on varied devices on the simultaneous basis. It can even be shared amidst varied users without actually having the requirement for a physical SIM card. Doesn’t this sound interesting to you all? It does to us definitely.

Especially if you are looking for it for your business, it can be used for keeping track over every WhatsApp call, SMS, and then forward it to the appropriate agent through a single virtual number. So, if you are using the WhatsApp Business, instant messaging app, it will become way more convenient for you in this way.

Virtual numbers are lot convenient as well as the best private means for using the WhatsApp account without having to share the personal phone number. Also, using different apps which will be discussed below, you will be able to enjoy varied features including toll-free numbers, international calling with affordable rates and multiple number management at the same time.

Not to forget, it will give you the opportunity for enjoying benefits of the global connection with no extra costs. Further, such virtual numbers will help you in setting the boundary between business and personal numbers, hence ensuring security as well as privacy at the same time.

Virtual Number for WhatsApp – Benefits


There are varied benefits associated with having a free virtual number for WhatsApp. It includes the enhanced privacy, freedom for separate personal as well as business communication, security, etc.

It is through it that one can keep the personal phone number completely private and share the virtual number with the trusted contacts. It helps in having protection against the spam or unwanted contacts, hence ensuring that the personal information is confidential.

The virtual number even helps in adding the security layer that the virtual numbers offer for the conversations. With the use of the virtual number, one can have business-related discussions or the confidential ones without having to worry about the personal phone number getting exposed.

It can be quite valuable for the professionals looking to communicate with the customers or the clients, while maintaining the privacy.

Furthermore, the number even allows one to manage varied numbers easily in a single application. No matter whether one needs a separate number for personal use, work, or the international calling, the virtual numbers are flexibility givers for handling the communication requirements in a convenient form.

One can access the WhatsApp through a data connection or Wi-Fi connectivity. It, therefore, will be the best help you can have for calling, messaging, or simply accessing the application’s features.

Not to forget, the virtual numbers are the best means for you to enjoy some amazing features. Yes, you can easily use it for call forwarding, differentiation, routing, and IVR. So, try it, and you will be amazed at the benefits this alternative will give you with respect to your personal or professional use.

Free Virtual Number for WhatsApp – How to Get it?

There are many websites using which one can get the temporary virtual phone numbers. Using it, one will be able to hide the real number and yet continue to remain touch in with the others. Some of the best applications that we have been able to find for your use and that will actually provide the right thing have been discussed below.


Hushed for Virtual Number

The app offers secondary phone number. It is completely secure and comes with many disposable options. So, to consider the use of this app will help you maintain privacy. Furthermore, it gives,

  • Free registration for the toll-free number.
  • You can choose between different phone numbers from different countries.
  • Capabilities like MMS, SMS, etc., apart from the economical international calls.
  • Pre-packaged minutes and the SMS options are available to simplify the use of the app.
  • Is compatible with the iOS and Android.
  • Comes with an enhanced amount of security and privacy.
  • Has a customizable voicemail.

However, when you download the app, be open-minded, as you will be required to pay $25. Once you do it, you will have the lifetime availability of its offered features. Also, remember that, there’s a con to the app too. It doesn’t allow free trial. So, take wise action.


Talkatone free virtual number for whatsapp

It’s an app for the users of Android. It helps the user to send as well as receive the calls, from any place. It’s a free app that one can download through Google Play. The app can be accessed through a Facebook account, and after logging in, one can get a free phone number as per the choice.

Furthermore, the app is good to obtain the virtual number for the WhatsApp, the number which would appear within the app’s profile section, right after the registration. Next, open your WhatsApp and enter in the phone number as shown on the Talkatone application. You will be able to proceed with the activation after the account verification.

Some of the additional features are,

  • Seamless communication.
  • Gratis phone number which is suitable for both voice calls and text messaging.
  • Application offers the flexibility for altering the phone number.
  • Enables to have cost-free international calls through the use of Wi-Fi, hence helping to avoid the additional charges, etc.


RingCentral WhatsApp Virtual Number

It’s a versatile tool which acts as the cloud-based communication. It offers the unified platform for the video conferencing, team messaging, streamlining business interactions and cloud phone systems. While specializing like the provider of virtual business numbers, the app even combines video meetings, and messaging without the extra hardware like the VoIP service, etc.


  • It offers varied integrations, hence ensuring integrations, seamless communication, and toll-free numbers in countries like the Canada and the USA.
  • The app offers the free trial for 15 days.
  • It has multilingual IVR system. It supports the 18 languages, ensuring the smoother communication across remote and international teams.
  • The contact center of the platform is a powerhouse. It has 30 digital communication channels.
  • The call recording system is efficient.
  • Single sign-on helps simplify the user access, etc.

However, there are also cons associated with the app, like the customer support issues. One can have to wait longer when trying to seek the help needed. So, make the pick but be patient if you are planning to use this app.


Textnow for virtual number

This is the app that offers a complimentary phone number for the purpose of texting and calling mostly US numbers, hence, this excels as the top virtual number for WhatsApp providers. In here, the users can easily purchase the minutes or the credits can be earned too for free calls. Further, the app is available on the iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Android. Not to forget, the app is,

  • Free of the ads.
  • Fully secured, and it can be done through the personal passcode.
  • Tailored to offer customizable choices like unique backgrounds, ringtone options, alert tones, etc.
  • Completely cost-effective for the international communication.
  • Provides efficient messaging and exclusive numbers, etc.

Most important con here is that the international calls are chargeable. So, if you can bear with it, go ahead and use the app.


Free Virtual Number SMSreceivefree

SMSreceivefree is the convenient solution for the requirements of online verification as it offers a free virtual number for WhatsApp. The service of it includes offering the disposable numbers, which get refreshed monthly. The app even deletes the messages after the 7 days, hence ensuring perfect security and privacy.


  • The app has the option of going premium with the permanent numbers which can be backed through the physical cards.
  • The app is compatible with the Windows.
  • It is free to use.
  • It offers worldwide connectivity.
  • The app gives unrestricted reception of SMS, its disposal, etc.

However, if you know it beforehand that, the support services herein are limited, and there is still a lot of room for the improvement in the app. So, you might face the issue of non-optimal assistance.

Free Virtual Number for WhatsApp – How to Use it?

There are some steps to use the virtual number for the account. In order to do it, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Install your WhatsApp account.
  • Type the country details and the virtual number for the registration process for WhatsApp.
  • You will need the verification code which is offered on the app or the desktop.
  • After the SMS verification code is filled in, you will be able to use the virtual phone numbers.


To conclude, there are various applications available to get a free virtual number for WhatsApp. It is the best choice to enhance the digital communication, offering security and privacy and also freedom for connecting globally without having any costs.

One can easily choose amidst the options based on your feature requirements. Further, it will be the best move to decide today on how you can keep your personal and professional life away. So, choose as per convenience and reap the benefits of the virtual numbers. All you need to do is give it a try and you will see the difference the app can create.

Also, if you have any app suggestions which offered you the best service, we would love to hear about them and share them with our readers. So, keep sharing.


How to get free virtual number for WhatsApp?

You can get it easily by using either of the above-mentioned apps or the other apps, whichever you prefer.

Can I use my virtual number to WhatsApp the foreign number? Is it free?

Yes, it is the answer to both the questions. You can use it if you have a better internet connection. However, the data charges would be applicable.

Are the virtual numbers for WhatsApp legal?

Yes, the numbers are legal for the use purpose of business. It gives the businesses a virtual presence within the other country without having to be there.

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