Free Google Play Redeem Codes of Rs. 100, 500, 800, 1000

Free Google Play Redeem Code can open up access to lots of content on the Google Play Store. The store is the official app place for Android users. These codes are like digital vouchers. You …

Free Redeem Code Google Play

Free Google Play Redeem Code can open up access to lots of content on the Google Play Store. The store is the official app place for Android users. These codes are like digital vouchers.

You can use them to directly add credits to your Google Play account. Once you redeem the code, these credits become money you can use on the platform. You can buy or unlock apps, games, movies, books, and even subscriptions within Google Play.

If you are an Android user then finding these codes is like discovering treasure in the ocean of digital stuff. The big plus of these codes is not needing real money right away.

What is Free Google Play Redeem Code?

Google Play Redeem Codes are a 16-digit mix of numbers and letters. Entering them into the Play Store adds a certain amount of credit to your account. The codes are flexible, working for different needs.

You can use them on pretty much anything in the Play Store. This includes new gaming and lifestyle apps, blockbuster movies, popular books, and subscriptions like Google Play Music or YouTube Premium.

You can get the codes in different ways. Generally, you can buy in-game items with these free redeem codes also. Whether you play Free Fire Max, PUBG, or any other game, if the app is on Google Play then most probably you can use Free Google Play redeem codes to buy stuff in the game.

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Note:- We share new codes every hour but as you know, one free Google Play redeem code can only be redeemed once. So if you are seeing any message like “Your Code has already been redeemed” then it is because someone has already redeemed that code before you

That is why, Bookmark our site so that you can check the codes regularly

Proofs of Free Google Play Redeem Codes

Proofs of Google Play Redeem Code Free
Proofs of Free Google Play Redeem Code

Rs 10 to Rs 100 Google Play Redeem Code Free

Google Play Redeem Code freeAmount

Google Play Redeem Code Free of Rs 10, Rs 50, Rs 60 and Rs 100

Google Play Redeem Code FreeAmount

$10-$100 Free Google Play Gift Code

Free Google Play Gift CodeAmount

Rs 100 – Rs 1000 Free Redeem Code Everyday

Rs 100 – Rs 1000 Free Redeem CodeAmount

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Why Look for Free Google Play Redeem Codes?

The reason people want a free Google Play redeem code is to get paid stuff from the Play Store for free or in-game items for free. We use lots of digital things nowadays and these free codes are a budget way to enjoy all kinds of content.

Gamers can unlock premium game features or items for no cost. Avid readers and movie watchers can also access premium books and films that they would normally have to pay for.

Free redemption codes let you try new apps and games without risk. Many times users don’t want to buy an app because they are not sure if it’s worth it or relevant. The codes remove that barrier, so you can explore and experiment with everything the Play Store offers. They also help manage and limit digital spending.

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Legitimate Ways to Get Free Rs 1000 Redeem Code for Google Play

Free Redeem Code Google Play

There are a few legit ways to get Google Play Redeem Code free. Each method allows you to earn credits to use on apps, games, movies, books, and more in the Play Store. Here’s a closer look at some of the most effective strategies

Survey and Reward Programs

Survey sites are a great way to earn free credits. They offer surveys, videos, and simple activities. Here’s how they work:

  • Google Opinion Rewards:- Google sends you surveys based on your profile. Each one you finish gives Play Store credits.
  • Swagbucks:- Do things like shop, watch videos, and use their search. You can earn points (“SB”) to exchange for Google Play gift cards or Amazon gift cards.
  • Survey Junkie:- Take surveys to earn points. Redeem for cash or gift cards. Also, a sign-up bonus gives you a head start.

Cashback and Shopping Apps

Apps like Ibotta give you cashback when you shop at partner stores. Just scan your receipt in the app after shopping. The cashback can be converted to Google Play credits. It’s a double win as you can save on groceries and earn towards apps/games.

Playing Games or Downloading Apps

Sites like Mistplay and FeaturePoints reward you for trying new apps and games. Here’s how:

  • Mistplay:- Play selected games and earn points based on time spent. You can then trade points for Play credits.
  • FeaturePoints:- Download and test new apps. Completing app tasks earns points which you can easily exchange for credits or cash.

Referral Programs

Many platforms above(Other platforms also) offer referral bonuses. You earn a percentage of the points your referrals make. For example, PrizeRebel’s friend program lets you continuously earn a percentage of your friends’ points. Even though it is not a direct way, you still buy or exchange redeem codes with the referral programs for free

Free Google Play Gift Card Exchanges

Sites like Gift Card Granny let you buy discounted gift cards or sell unwanted ones for cash/points. Suppose you have an Amazon gift card, you can sell that gift card to earn points and then you can use those points to get Google Play credits. It’s great for turning low-balance cards into something useful.

Promotional Offers

Watch for Google device deals like Chromecast or Android TV as sometimes they come with free Play credits. Check the Google Home app for available offers regularly.

GPT (Get-Paid-To) Websites

GPT sites like InstaGC and PrizeRebel give points for tasks like surveys, videos, and newsletter signups. Save up points and then exchange those points for Google Play gift cards.

How Do We Share 100 Rs Redeem code free today

If you are here, then you may ask this how are we able to give you so many free Redeem Code Google Play gift cards? Well, you can say we re-invest our earnings for you

  1. Bulk Discounts: Some sites offer lower prices if you buy many Google Play gift cards together. These are mainly for businesses doing promotions. But groups of friends can also get discounts by buying in bulk. So we buy the bulk redeem codes and then share them with you
  2. Giveaway: We generally buy gift cards or redeem codes and then share them for free. We have a daily budget limit(Which we cannot reveal) and then we buy redeem codes of different prices like Rs 1000 Redeem Code, Rs 100 redeem code, $10 redeem code, etc and then, we randomly share the codes in the blog and telegram channel (Exclusive)
  3. Referral Bonuses: Some apps give you gift cards for referring new users. We collect many such points by referring in our community and then we exchange those points for redeem codes. After that, we share those codes with you.
  4. Try every code: We have hired a person whose job is to test if a code is working or not. so we try every code we find on the internet(Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, etc). Once we find that code, we share it here

How to Redeem Free Redeem Code Google Play

How to Redeem free redeem code

Redeeming a free Rs 1000 redeem code for Google Play is simple on Android phones, tablets, and computers. Here’s how:

On Android Phones and Tablets

  1. Open the Google Play Store app and tap on your profile in the Top Right corner.
  2. Then click on “Payments and Offers”
  3. Scroll and tap “Redeem” in the menu.
  4. Type in your code (usually numbers and letters) in the text field.
  5. Tap “Redeem” after entering the code. You will see a confirmation that the credit or item was added.

On Computers (Web Browser)

  1. Go to in your browser.
  2. Sign into your Google account. Click “Sign in” in the top right if needed.
  3. Tap on your profile in the Top Right corner.
  4. Then click on “Payments and Offers”
  5. Type your code into the field and click “Redeem”.
  6. You will see a confirmation screen showing the added credit or item. Click “Done”.

You can skip the first 4 steps by clicking on this link:- Redeem Play Store

Tips for Safely Getting Google Play Redeem Code Free

Getting free Play codes can be great, but you need to avoid scams. Here are detailed tips to stay secure:

  1. Use Legit Rewards Programs:- Stick to well-known sites like Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks, and MyPoints. They’re officially recognized and safe ways to earn credits.
  2. Avoid Code Generators/Shady Sites:- Sites that claim to generate codes are often scams and unsafe. Steer clear of them.
  3. Beware Unsolicited Offers:- Verify the source before clicking links or providing info in unsolicited emails/messages offering codes.
  4. Check Official Promotions:- Google Play and developers sometimes run official code giveaways. These are announced on their official channels.
  5. Use Cashback Apps Wisely:- Apps like Ibotta offer cashback you can redeem for credits. Use official apps and understand their terms.
  6. Read Reviews and Feedback:- Before using a platform, read user reviews and feedback about its legitimacy and safety.
  7. Use our site:- Use our site regularly as we update the codes on an hourly basis


Getting a free Google Play Redeem Code opens up lots of digital stuff like games, apps, movies, books, and more. Using the tips and methods here, you can safely get free codes to enhance your digital life without falling for scams.

Stay alert, use reputable sources, and stick to legitimate platforms when getting codes or gift cards. With the right approach, anyone can enjoy everything Google Play offers and access a wide range of content for little or no cost.

Can I get Google Play codes for free?

Yes, you can get free codes through our website, Google Opinion Rewards, promotions, and reward sites like Swagbucks and MyPoints.

Are Google Play code generators safe?

No, code generators are unsafe and often scams. Avoid them and use legitimate methods only.

How do I check my Play balance?

Open the Play Store app, tap the menu, and select “Payment methods” to see your balance under “Google Play balance”.

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