How to get Airtel Free Data in 2023: 15+ Tricks

Hi friends! Are you here in search of ways to enjoy free data recharge for Airtel in 2023? Well, you have come to the right place. Airtel is known far and wide for its strong …

Hi friends! Are you here in search of ways to enjoy free data recharge for Airtel in 2023? Well, you have come to the right place. Airtel is known far and wide for its strong network coverage and fast internet speed. But when it comes to the price of data packs, it lags a bit.

You see, with JIO, a small recharge of just ₹ 11 gives you 1GB of data. But sadly, there are no such pocket-friendly plans for Airtel users.

All Airtel users run into trouble when their daily data runs out. It’s a real bother, having to wait until the next day when the data pack refreshes. But guess what, friends? Now there’s no need to wait or spend any money to get Airtel free data for 2023.

I am here to share some smart tricks with you to get Airtel Free Data whenever you wish. Just follow these methods one by one and enjoy free Airtel recharge.

Airtel free tricks with step by step guide

Latest Offer by Airtel

Friends, have you heard? Airtel is now giving 1GB of free data to some prepaid users. It’s true. Many have already received this offer, and many more are on the way to enjoy it. Airtel is adding 1GB of data that you can use for three whole days.

What’s more interesting is that those who recharge with small pack plans are getting an extra 1GB of data. So you can try recharging Airtel prepaid with Rs 48 and Rs 49 plans. On top of the 3GB, you will get one more GB of data.

Now, this extra 1GB of data will come as a coupon code. You can find this coupon in the My Coupons part of the Airtel Thanks app.

Recharge Plans to get Free Airtel Data

Friends, exciting times ahead for Airtel prepaid users in 2023. You can now get up to 6GB of free data with your prepaid recharge plans. These come as 1GB coupons, credited when you buy the right strategy.

Don’t worry, you won’t get all 6GB at once. Instead, you’ll receive 1GB data coupons depending on your chosen plan. Let’s break it down:

Plans and 1GB Vouchers:

  • Rs 219 to Rs 448: 2GB (2 x 1GB), valid for 28 days
  • Rs 399 to Rs 599: 4GB (4 x 1GB), valid for 56 days
  • Rs 598 and Rs 698: 6GB (6 x 1GB), valid for 84 days

How to Use the Coupons:

  • Visit ‘My Coupons’ on the Airtel Thanks app
  • Choose to redeem the 1GB data coupon codes
  • The coupons will be added to your account after recharging


  • You must recharge through the Airtel Thanks app
  • Data will expire within a day of claiming the coupon

How to Get the Offer:

  • Recharge with a plan of at least ₹219 through the Airtel Thanks app
  • If you use a 1GB coupon at 11 AM, it will end at 12 AM that night
  • Coupon validity depends on your recharge

PS: With Airtel’s new 5G technology, more free data offers may be coming. Please keep visiting our page for a chance to grab free Airtel Internet. Bookmark us, it’s worth it!

Method 1: Get Airtel 5GB Data on Airtel

Now, this is something tasty and techy. You can get free Airtel data from food packets like Kurkure, Lay’s Chips, Doritos, and Uncle Chips. Here’s how:

Airtel free data using lays and kurkure
  • Visit your nearest shop and buy a Lays packet that has “Airtel 1GB free data” mentioned on them.
  • Enjoy the snack, and then tear the packets to look for the 12 Digit Airtel Promo code inside.
  • Go to the ‘My Coupon‘ section of the Airtel Thanks App.
  • Type the Kurkure or Lays Airtel Free Data Code in the “Have a Coupon Code” Section.
  • Tap on “Claim” to get 1 GB of free data for absolutely free.
  • Repeat the same process with different packets to get more free data.

So, if you are one of those people who love to enjoy crunchy snacks, then you must try this trick as it lets you kill two birds with one stone. You will get snacks and free Airtel internet at the same time. I think it was one of the creative marketing strategies for Airtel to partner with popular snack brands and offer something enjoyable to its customers.

Method 2

You can also try dialling these numbers for free Airtel data. Give them a try!

Airtel 2 GB data free trick:

  • 54321: Miss call 125346, get 2 GB free.
  • 52122: Dial 52122, get 2 GB free for 3 months.
  • 52141: New number working in 2023.

Airtel 10GB data free trick:

  • 51111: Dial this number, and get 10GB free, valid for 10 days.
  • 5999555: Missed call this number, for a chance to get 10GB free.

Airtel 6GB data free trick:

  • 121346: Dial, hear an offer, and press 1 if you want it.


  1. Dial any number from your Airtel SIM.
  2. Wait for a message (up to 24 hours).
  3. Check your balance.
  4. You get free 1GB of data.

Make sure you use a 4G SIM.

Method 3

Amazon Free Recharge Trick 1

Do you know Amazon brought a great offer for you? If you are an Airtel Prepaid User, you can get all your money back on any recharge. Yes, 100% cashback. This month, you can get ₹25 or ₹50 cashback on recharges and bill payments.

Airtel free data using Lays


  1. Open or go to Amazon. in.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Now go to AmazonPay Section
  4. Scroll down till the last and there you will see many options under ‘win rewards on every payment‘ to get cashback of ₹50
  5. You can try these methods one by one.
  6. And use the cashback amount to make the minimum recharge of ₹48 to get 3 GB of data for 28 days.

AmazonPay free recharge trick 2

Another way to get Airtel free data using the same AmazonPay method is that you can try playing the Amazon Quiz Answers game. You can visit the Fun Zone section of the Amazon app and try all the available options to get the wallet balance. And use your AmazonPay wallet balance to do free recharge.

AmazonPay free recharge trick 3

You can also get ₹10 – ₹50 cashback on a minimum recharge of ₹35 on the Airtel Thanks app with AmazonPay. Just go to the Airtel Thanks app, pick an Airtel data plan, use AmazonPay, and enjoy!

Method 4

You can get free data in 2023 by linking your bank account to Airtel Payment Bank. Follow these steps:

  • Download the Airtel Payment Bank App.
  • Log in using your Airtel number.
  • Create a new e-wallet for Airtel Payment Bank.
  • Claim free 2GB data for 28 days.

Method 5

Get Free 1GB Data Some users might not find this trick helpful. But why not give it a try? Follow these steps:

  1. Download Airtel TV App, and put in your number to verify.
  2. Open the app, and wait for a bit.
  3. Go to My Coupon in Airtel Thanks App.
  4. Done. You get free 1GB of data for 3 days. Note: This is for prepaid users, valid for 3 days only.

Method 6

Here’s a great tip to get free Airtel data of 1GB for 3 days:

  • Download the latest Airtel Xstream App from the Play Store.
  • Log in with your Airtel number.
  • You will get 1GB of free data for 3 days.
  • If it doesn’t work at first, wait 1-2 days and try again.

Method 7

This method is quite indirect. Airtel brought a feature where you will get flat ₹30 cashback on paying by scanning a QR.

  • Open Airtel Thanks App
  • Go to Airtel UPI on the homepage itself
  • Tap on Scan Any QR
  • You can scan any of your friend’s QR code UPI
  • Pay ₹100 or more
  • Ask a friend to return it after getting ₹30 cashback
  • In this way, you will get Rs 30 cashback for free
  • You can repeat the process with different QR codes and then use the cashback to recharge free Airtel internet

Method 8

1. Extra Data on Specific Recharge:

  • Open the Airtel Thanks App.
  • Find data recharge plans that offer extra data.
  • For example, a ₹58 plan might give you 3GB plus 2GB extra as a coupon code.
  • You can check your coupons in the Coupon section of the app.
  • Remember, you must recharge through the Airtel Thanks app to get this offer.

2. Airtel 4GB App Exclusive Offer:

  • Get 2GB free if you recharge with a plan above Rs 219 (28-day validity).
  • Get 4GB free if you recharge with a plan above Rs 359 (56-day validity).
  • Get 6GB free if you recharge with a plan above Rs 598 (84-day validity).
  • These will be credited as Airtel coupon codes, and the offer is available only through the Airtel Thanks app.

3. Get 50% Cashback on Your 1st UPI Transitions:

  • Exclusive for Airtel prepaid users who never made Airtel UPI transitions.
  • Get cashback of up to ₹40 on a minimum recharge of ₹50 using the Airtel Thanks App.

4. Monthly Cashback via Airtel Wallet:

  • Get cashback on monthly recharge of different Airtel plans.
  • ₹179, ₹265 plans: ₹20 cashback
  • ₹299, ₹719, ₹839 plans: ₹40 cashback
  • Valid once per user per month.

Bonus: Free Airtel Data using Free Wallet Balance:

  • If you have Amazon wallet balances or Amazon gift cards, you can redeem them on Amazon Pay.
  • Use the balance to make mobile recharges.
  • You can buy Amazon gift cards or get free Amazon codes through our daily offers.

Quick Tip: If you are new to all these or if you want to stay updated with the latest offers, make sure to have the Airtel Thanks app on your phone.

Method 9

IP Address Trick 2023. Here’s another trick:

  • Download the IP Tools app from the Playstore.
  • You can simply search IP tools on playstore.
  • Change Host to
  • Let the app find the best port and enjoy free Airtel data.

Method 10

Use Secret Code. You can also dial the USSD code for free data:

  • Dial 141567.
  • Dial *121*100#, and get 10 GB free.

Trick 11

You can also get free data by changing your Airtel APN settings:

  • Go to mobile network settings.
  • Select Airtel and create a new APN.
  • Follow the provided details and save.
  • APN details to save:
  1. Create a new APN option by entering the following details :
    • Name – freeairteldata
    • APN – airtelnet
    • APN Type – Default
    • Proxy – Not Set
    • Port – Not Set
    • Username – Not Set
    • Password – Not Set
    • Server –
    • MMSC – Not Set
    • MMS proxy – Not Set
    • MMS port – Not Set
    • MCC – 405
    • MNC – 857 or 863 or 874 (Area Code)
    • Authentication type – Not Set
    • APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6
    • APN Roaming Protocol – IPv4/IPv6
  2. Restart your phone and enjoy free internet.

Method 12

You can get free 5GB night data with this trick:

  • Download the Airtel app and log in.
  • Look for the JACKPOT offer.
  • Enjoy 5GB of free night data.

Method 13

If you want free data in 2023, then it is super easy with DroidVpn. You just change a few settings, and you enjoy free 4G data on Airtel.


  1. Download the Droid VPN app, and open it.
  2. Tap on 3 lines on the top left of your screen.
  3. Go to setting.
  4. Change these details under the UDP setting:
  • Remote UDP port: 443
  • Local UDP port: 80
  • UDP mode: mode 1
  • T count: 5000
  • R count: 4
  1. Under TCP settings:
  • Remote TCP port: 443 Remote
  • Local TCP port: 0
  1. Under ICMP settings:
  • ICMP mode: static seq
  1. Under VPN connection setting:
  • Tunnel MTU size: 1024
  1. Save these settings. Go back, tap on Start, and enjoy free internet.

Method 14

This trick only works in certain states:

  • Check if your number is eligible for Airtel VoLTE.
  • If eligible, get 5GB of free data within 24 hours.
  • Give feedback to get 5GB more after 4 weeks.

Method 15

Paytm Trick. New Paytm users can get 100% cashback up to ₹50 on ₹48 recharge.

Paytm trick to get airtel free data


  1. Open Paytm via App or Web.
  2. Go to Recharge Section.
  3. Enter the Airtel number, and use Promo code “GBFIRST.”
  4. Select UPI for payment.
  5. After payment, you get cashback.

I’ve tried this method twice and got cashback both times. You get free data by making Airtel free recharge.

Method 16

If you recharge your Airtel prepaid number or pay an Electricity bill using your Airtel App, you can get a cashback of ₹100 directly to your Airtel wallet.

And that’s all you can now use these cashbacks to make free recharge and indirectly use a way to get free Airtel free data.

  • Open Airtel Thanks App
  • Go to Recharge & Pay Bills on the homepage itself
  • Tap on Prepaid or Electricity
  • Pay the bill or make a prepaid recharge
  • You will get ₹100 straight cashback
  • Use the cashback to recharge free Airtel internet

Method 17

Flipkart Plus members can get free data with SuperCoins:

  • Use SuperCoins for recharge and get 5GB of free data.

Method 18

Friends, it’s easy to get free Airtel data in 2023. Spend just 5-10 minutes, and you can earn up to ₹50. All Airtel users know the minimum Airtel data pack costs ₹48.

So this is a big deal. In this method, you have to try some apps which give rewards for using their apps and following some actions. You can use the reward to redeem them for your wallet balance and then do free internet recharge on the minimum plan of ₹48.

Here are some Popular apps to get Free Airtel Data:

1. Epayon: Get up to ₹25 and 2GB of data. It’s a new recharge app like Paytm, and you get guaranteed cashback on recharges. 👉Install Epayon here and use our referral code 797H89W0 for instant ₹10 cashback.

2. StarCash: Earn up to ₹50 and 1GB of data. Install apps from StarCash and use the free Paytm cash to enjoy Airtel 4G data.

3. Amazon Pay: Earn up to ₹200 and 1.5GB of data. Get rewards by scanning QR codes, sending money, or playing Amazon quizzes. Use the rewards for free Airtel recharge.

Amazon Quiz Answers Reward Trick: Play games in the Amazon Fun zone, win your Amazon pay balance, and use it for free Airtel recharge. Don’t worry about answers; we update them regularly!

4. Paytm: Earn up to ₹15 cashback. Use the money to make free recharges. There is also an offer where you will get ₹15 instant cashback on mobile recharges.

get 15 paytm cashback and use to free data
free airtel data using paytm cahback

Paytm Bug – Earn Cash with Bus Ticket Voucher: Check for cashback vouchers in your account and use them for free recharge.

5. Bajaj Finserv: Earn up to ₹50 and 1GB data. Download the app and enjoy exciting cashback plans.

6. Winzo: Play games and earn up to ₹20 and 2GB of data.

7. Ludo Supreme App: Play Ludo online and earn up to ₹20 and 2GB of data.

8. GameZop Pro App: Play puzzle games and more to earn up to ₹10 and 1GB of data.

9. Mobikwik: Look for cashback offers on their official sites to earn up to ₹100 and 4GB of data.

10. MemeChat: Create memes to earn up to ₹100 and 5GB of data.

11. Bajaj Finserv Free Recharge Offer: Download the Bazaz Finserv app for mobile and bill payments and enjoy free 1GB of internet.

In short, it’s simple and fun to get free Airtel data in 2023. Just use these apps and platforms, follow the steps, and enjoy the free internet. Keep visiting us for more exciting tips and offers!

Method 19

Install the Airtel App Want free data on the Airtel app? Easy! Download the Wynk Music app from playstore. Here you get free songs and 300 MB of free data.


  1. Open playstore.
  2. Find and install Wynk Music App.
  3. Open the app, and register your Airtel number.
  4. Wait 1-2 days to get up to 1 GB of free data. You can also try Wynk Games App and Wynk Movies App. They give you free games, the latest movies, and 300 MB of free data.

Note: You get 1.2 GB over 3 months as 100 MB night data per app per month.

Method 20

Mobilexpression has a special offer where you can get a ₹300 Amazon gift card every 40 days. This voucher can be used to recharge your Airtel or Jio data for ₹300 monthly.

Airtel free data with mobile expression

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Visit the specified webpage and download the app
  • Press the ‘ Join Now ‘ option
  • Take part in a brief survey and download the app to your device
  • Create an account using your details
  • Open the app each day to begin earning points
  • Turn your points into Amazon gift cards
  • Use the gift card on Amazon to get a ₹300 free recharge on your Airtel data plan
  • Have fun with your free Airtel data.

This guide makes the process easy and helps you enjoy free internet access every month!


You’ve gone through many tricks here. I hope you find them helpful. Some tricks may not work for everyone. But I’ve made sure to add all the steps to get free Airtel data in 2023 in just a few moments. If you find that none of the methods works for you, don’t worry. Just leave a comment below. Then I can look into it and find more ways like this.

Also, if you know any other way to get free Airtel data in 2023, please get in touch. You can share your tricks so that other readers can enjoy free internet too. Remember, helping others will bring you joy.


How Can I Get Airtel Free Data In 2023?

To get Airtel free data in 2023, you can follow various tricks like using Airtel Xstream App, Airtel Thanks App, or by changing APN settings. There are many ways mentioned above to enjoy free data.

How To Claim Airtel Free Data 2023?

To claim Airtel free data in 2023, you can use the Airtel Thanks App, link your bank account to Airtel Payment Bank, or send specific SMS codes as explained in the methods above.

How can I get free data on Airtel?

You can get free data on Airtel by using apps like Airtel Xstream App and Airtel Thanks App, or by changing your mobile’s APN settings, and other tricks shared above.

How can I claim 1 GB of free data on Airtel?

To claim 1 GB free data in Airtel, install the latest version of the Airtel Xstream App, log in with your Airtel number, and you’ll receive 1GB of data instantly for 3 days.

How can I get 2 GB of data on Airtel for free?

To get 2 GB data on Airtel for free, you can create an e-wallet for Airtel Payment Bank in Airtel Thanks App, then claim Airtel Free 2GB Data for 28 days from the More offer section.

Is Airtel also giving free data?

Yes, Airtel is giving free data through various tricks and methods mentioned above, including app downloads and changes in mobile settings.

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