How to get free WiFi internet?

In modern times, internet connectivity is like a necessity, and having free WiFi internet access adds to one’s convenience in the connected world. However, the internet plans can be a pick on the pocket, while …

How To Get Free WiFi Internet

In modern times, internet connectivity is like a necessity, and having free WiFi internet access adds to one’s convenience in the connected world. However, the internet plans can be a pick on the pocket, while accessing WiFi isn’t always possible.

The best is that today, some budget-friendly means exist to have free internet access. From the coffee shops to the libraries, there are varied citywide initiatives that allow users to have a legitimate means for using WiFi. So, in case you are one such person who’s been looking around for the free Wifi, know that there are many options to choose from. It will help not just to cut costs but will also help you to use the World Wide Web hassle-free.

Make sure you give this article a complete read to know how to get free wifi internet. Hopefully, you will find a suitable option for yourself.

How to Get Free WiFi Internet?

How To Get Free WiFi Internet

If you are looking forward to harnessing free wifi connectivity without breaking the bank or trying to compromise on online security, the below-mentioned would help.

Creating Free Wifi Hotspot by Mobile Phone

If mobile data connectivity is available, use it as the Wi-Fi hotspot and allow the other devices to connect with it and access the internet like a router would help. It’s one of the easiest means to access free wifi that’s readily available.

To use it,

  • Open your phone Settings.
  • Click on the option Connection & Sharing in case of Android and Personal Hotspot in case of iOS.
Creating Mobile Hotspot
  • Next, click on Portable Hotspot.
Portable hotspot for free wifi
  • Make sure you set the password and remember it.
  • Turn the mobile hotspot on and start to connect the other devices with the connection.

Find Public Wi-Fi Hotspot for Free Wifi Password

Go to public places or common establishments offering the hotspots. It can be a coffee shop or a restaurant, a supermarket or retail store, trains or buses, universities, etc. Once you go there, connect with the free Wifi password, and to do that,

  • Register on the network using your username.
  • Next, log in.
  • That’s all; once connected, you can get free wifi internet without any hassles.

Free Wifi App Connectivity

Wifi Map

Wifi Map for Free Wifi Internet

This app is the best means to have access to 100 million+ wifi in my area pings or the other hotspots that are available for free. No matter whether one is using an Android device or an Apple device, there are many map apps to make the choice from. So, use it wisely and have an amazing time.



It is a crowdsourced application which offers a map with more than one million freely available public Wi-Fi networks. It has both the functions, login credentials and the auto-connect. So, when one is close to the Wi-Fi spots that are application-listed, the mobile device would connect on its own.

The app is available to use on both Android and iOS devices and supports WPA, WEP, WPA2 and WPA3.


WiFiman free wifi Internet

Known to offer free and amazingly robust features, the app is quite helpful. It has a lot of free wifi options available throughout the world, allowing users to have access to millions of choices to connect with. All you need to do is search for the desired location, and that’s it. You will be able to get the nearby networks to connect with.

Ask Freely to get Free Wi-Fi Internet

If you ask, you might get the Wi-Fi password, even when the same isn’t advertised by a place. Just remember, the kindness of strangers can actually prove to be your useful tool to find the free wifi.

Finding Hidden Networks

The Wi-Fi name or SSID from the available networks list can be hidden by disabling the SSID broadcast. However, there are certain applications, including NetStumbler, NetSpot and Kismet, which help to find these hidden networks and then connect with them.

Before you connect, make sure to view the strength and performance of every single network connection available using the apps.

Get the Portable Router

The portable router works like the home router but operates on a 3G/4G network. They are inexpensive and small and a great alternative to having many connections simultaneously. Also, not to forget, the option is much safer than connecting to public hotspots, and as the battery can last long, there’s no chance of losing the internet unexpectedly unless there is bad network coverage.

How to Avoid the Dangers of Public Wi-Fi?

How to Avoid the Dangers of Public Wi-Fi?

To protect oneself and one’s device containing important details and passwords is definitely important. So, to trust the open Wi-Fi network wouldn’t always be safe. However, there’s nothing to worry about, and there’s no need to stop using the public free wifi altogether. All you need to do is take some precautionary steps, and you will be able to protect yourself. You must remain vigilant all throughout.

As for the rest, follow the below-mentioned,

  • Turn off the public network sharing.
  • Login to the right wifi and not the random one, as it’s possible that it’s created by the hacker.
  • Enable the firewall.
  • Stick to the websites which start with https and not http. S here denotes the extra level of encryption.
  • Do not transmit the data. Wait for a secure connection before the online purchase is made.
  • Make sure to use the VPN as it will make the connection encrypted, creating a secure tunnel and locking anyone who tries to snoop on the traffic.

Final Words

So, now that you are aware of how to get free wifi internet, it’s time to use it to your complete advantage. Just make sure that these convenience-providing connections are used with caution and after proper exploration. It will help you not just to save money but also avoid any chaotic scenarios. Also, not to forget, to protect sensitive information and personal data, take a step or two more before you jump on to any opportunity for having free wifi without the dedicated data plan.


Can I have free Wi-fi at my home?

Yes, by using your phone as the hotspot, you can have free wi-fi anytime. However, this would only work if you have a running mobile data plan on the phone. As for the rest, this is one of the simplest and safest means to get free Wi-Fi without using the router.

Which app helps you get free wifi?

Applications including Instabridge, WiFiman and Wifi map are a few apps which will offer you a map showing millions of freely available wifi networks. So, use the application and take advantage of it.

Is free wifi available?

Yes, there are many places where you can have free wi-fi access. It can be either a hotel or a restaurant, a train station or buses. Based on where you are at, choose to connect, and you will have a free wifi connection offering free internet. However, not every place will offer free wifi. So, make sure to look out for it.

Is choosing free wifi password safe?

Due to wide encryption use, connecting with the public wifi network is mostly safe. If you are doubtful, look for the symbol or address bar- https, that’s provided on the website address’s left. S denotes an extra encryption level.

Does VPN assure safety with free wifi?

VPN protects the internet traffic on the public wifi. If anyone tries to snoop on the web traffic or has access to the device on the unsecured network, they will be required to break the extra encryption layer. This is why it’s recommended VPN use for anyone using public Wifi.

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