How to Call From an Unknown Number?

Every time we place a call, the Caller ID reveals our identity, isn’t it? Well, it does; at least our phone number and name get revealed through it. However, there are times when you just …

How to Call From an Unknown Number?

Every time we place a call, the Caller ID reveals our identity, isn’t it? Well, it does; at least our phone number and name get revealed through it. However, there are times when you just wish to have private calls with your caller ID hidden. If this is one such time and you are here ensuring that the number you are calling just sees an unknown number calling on their screen, we are here for you. Also, if you’re interested in enhancing your mobile experience, learning how to manage your WiFi password can be incredibly helpful.

In this article, you will be able to have a few ways which will help you to make a call from unknown number to anyone you want. All you will be required to do is follow a few steps, and there it is, a caller ID-free option. Just make sure to do exactly as asked in the steps, and you will be good to go.

Using *67 to Hide Phone Number

It is one of the easiest ways for hiding the phone number. With this method, you will be able to block the phone number in a manner that the recipient of the call would just see the message- Private. They will not be able to see the number or name of the incoming calls.

The technique is very helpful and applies to the call you will place currently. It means unless until you dial *67 in the specific call, for making it private, the default phone number will only be visible.

Note: One benefit of using *67 is that it is helpful both in the case of landlines and mobile numbers.

In order to use this method, Use the prefix *67 (*31 in the case of some American mobile numbers and 141 in the case of UK numbers and landlines) and then enter the 10-digit phone number, i.e., *678963*****5. 

Using *67 to Hide Phone Number

Then press the Dial button. With this simple addition, the recipient would see on their phone screen either Blocked, Caller ID Unavailable, Restricted or Unknown Number Calling.

Hiding Phone Number on iPhone/Android by Default

If you wish to make an unknown number call, you have the option to configure your iPhone for sending calls in a private manner. You can just block the caller ID for that. In order to do it, just follow the below-mentioned steps,

  • Click on Settings.
  • Select Phone.
  • Choose turn off the Show My Caller ID. Just swipe the button left for it, and that’s it. Enjoy a call from unknown number.

In case you are using an Android phone, the number or the caller ID can be hidden, too. However, the steps will differ. So, use the below-mentioned steps and enjoy your calls.

  • Click on the Phone application and click on the 3-dot menu and tap on the option Settings.
Click settings to hide your phone number
  • Then select Caller ID and Spam.
Select Caller ID and Spam
  • Now, turn off your Caller ID by simply swiping the button left.
Turn off your Caller ID

Hiding Phone Number Using Cellular Carrier

If using an Android phone and the above-mentioned steps weren’t helpful, we do have another solution for you. In order to use it, you just need to ask the cellular carrier for hiding the phone number (by default).

In order to do it, follow the below-mentioned steps,

  • Call the customer support of the mobile carrier.
  • Ask the customer support technician for making the phone number private.
  • It might take a few minutes for the reconfiguration of the service, but it will be a success.

In case you feel like you wish to show the phone number, after the configuration is set, all you need to do is dial *82 and then add the number after it.

Hiding Phone Number Using the Google Voice

In order to use this method, just follow the below-mentioned steps,

Hiding Phone Number Using the Google Voice
  • Begin with opening Google Voice. If you do not have it, you can download it for free. However, if you have it, you will get prompted to set up the account for 1st time after the app is opened. (You can even sign up. Just make sure to follow the instructions provided on the screen for that. If you are already signed up, just add your email and password when there’s a prompt).
  • Next, click on the Calls option that’s provided on the top of the screen in the case of Android and the bottom of the screen in the case of iPhone.
  • Then click on the + option, which is present in the right lower corner of the screen.
  • Next, click on the option Make a Call. With this, the caller page will open. If you are an Android user, you can skip it.
  • Now, enter the phone number of the recipient on the screen of who you want to show, an unknown number calling instead of your caller ID.
  • Then click on Call and then Call when you get prompted.
  • You are all set. With the steps above, your call recipient will see the phone number, but they won’t see your phone number on their screen.

Block Phone Number by Default- iOS/Android

If using an iPhone/Android device, you can block the number automatically with one simple setting adjustment. With the help of it, for every call you make, your number will appear as Private. So, if you are willing to try it, just follow the below-mentioned steps,


  • Go to your phone Settings and select Phone.
  • Next, click on Show My Caller ID.
  • Make sure to use a toggle switch for either hiding or showing the number.


  • Open the Phone app on your device and click on Menu.
  • Next, select the option Settings and click on Call Settings.
  • Then, select Additional Settings and click on Caller ID.
  • Now, choose either Hide Number or Show Number/Network Default, and it will be hidden/visible as per the settings change.

For unblocking the number, you can even just dial *82 if calls start to get rejected temporarily. Know that there are some of the providers/users who will automatically block the private numbers. So, with the use of the code, you can easily bypass the filter.

Use Burner App

If you want to make the recipient of the call to see “Unknown Number Calling”, the Burner app will be the best. The app uses the internet to make the calls. It allows you to have a secondary number for making the calls. The best is that there are 100s of such burner applications that can be downloaded for iOS/Android.

  • Burner- a very popular app for Android and iOS, which is used for routing calls directly to the secondary number. Using the app, you wouldn’t need to bother hiding your number. Now, know that this app has a 7-day free trial, but after that, it will cost you $5 for every line every month.
  • Google Voice- allows the new number for making voice calls, and sending audio messages as well as texts, completely free. All one needs to do is have an active Google account for it. This mode is completely free to use as it uses the phone minutes and the data that you already have. However, the number that the recipient would see will be the Google number you will be using.
  • Hushed- this is not a free app, but is definitely cheaper in comparison to the competitors. It charges $2 per week and allows the user to have 20 call minutes and 60 texts. If you want, you can even buy a $5 unlimited monthly plan; the subscription of it can be cancelled anytime.
Use Burner App


If you want to make an unknown number call through a landline, there are some star codes that will help you.

  • *57 is helpful for tracing the calls or the last incoming call.
  • *60 helps prevent calls from some phone numbers.
  • *67 allows to hide the phone number in the caller ID system.
  • *69 allows the user to redial the last called number.
  • *70 helps to place a call on hold for answering another call.
  • *72 helps forward a call to the other number.
  • *77 allows users to block the calls received through the private callers.
  • *80 helps in disabling the call block.
  • *82 helps in disabling the caller ID block.
  • *87 helps in disabling the anonymous call rejections.

Final Words

Well, we really hope either of the above-mentioned ways helped you in hiding your number and displaying the notification of an unknown number calling or call from unknown number, etc., on the recipient’s phone. If yes, it’s great. If not, let us know what went wrong, and we will try to see if we can help you. Also, if you have any other ways of making unknown number calls, you can let us know. We would really appreciate it and would love to share the way with our readers.

As you continue to explore the world of telecommunication, you might also find our tips on accessing free WiFi useful in staying connected wherever you go.

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